Angela Waltner Guitar Maker, my influences
Test everything, hold fast to what is good. Saint Paul

Growing up with alpine music and playing the zither inspired me to become a plucked instrument maker and finally a guitarmaker.

Many people have helped and supported me along the way, especially Thassilo Meyer, Achim-Peter Gropius, Prof Dr Andreas Michel, Prof Eberhard Meinel and Armin Gropp. My most important teachers were and still are Kuno Schaub, Benno Streu and Karl Sandvoss. My heart felt thanks to all of them.

My idea of how a guitar should sound is inspired by many things, including places, landscapes, images and my personal experiences.

I have dedicated much time to studying and listening to old and new approaches to guitarmaking over the years. Spanish guitarmaking has been a key influence in my work, as has my time spent restoring 19th century French guitars and my research into the life and work of Richard Jacob ‘Weißgerber’. My deep respect for the achievements of the old masters, coupled with an exploration of innovative designs and scientific advances have come together to form my own approach, which continues to develop and mature year for year.

I also play the guitar myself, but not on a professional level. My instruments are the product of a continual process of critical exchange with high-class musicians. I am a discriminating listener of music, which gives me essential insights into the guitar and its unique sound.